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We know that you could be looking at many churches on the Internet and perhaps, you have. Our hope is that you will find in our church's webpages something you like and that may interest you enough to come to one of our services. As a reminder, they are:

   10 AM Sunday School (all ages);
   11 AM Morning Service (all ages); and
     6 PM, Evening Service (all ages) if you can't make any of the morning meetings.

     7 PM Bible Study and Prayer

If you click on the OUR BELIEFS icon on the HOME page, you will read what we believe and what we stand by when it comes to serving God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. As Christians, it is our focus to live as the examples that Jesus Christ has set before us. Although no church contains perfect people: as individuals, each of us strive each day to be perfect in God's eyes. As a church, we express the joy and blessings God bestows upon us during our lives.And during trials and tribulations, hard times, and discrouagements, we encourage and help one another through prayer, support, and God's Love as best we can.

If this is what you would love to experience in a church, stop by Calvary Baptist Church at 6608 16th Street, Rio Linda, CA 95673 (across from the River Valley Feed store on the corner of Elk Horn and 16th Street). The LORD knows what you need. Listen to and obey Him.