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Looking to make changes in your life in 2019?

Then why not start by looking to God?  A new year and a new way of thinking can DO more than just a change, but will make a  GREAT DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE TO COME...AND FOREVER!! 

Here, at Calvary Baptist Church of Rio Linda, we know the challenges of life and what it means to go through "life changing" events. We have all learned who God is and not only the benefit of knowing Jesus Christ, but also knowing that the Son of God loves us and wants us to have a life that is peaceful, growing, and rewarding. In Matthew 11:40, Christ assures us of HIS Love and Friendship when he invites us to "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Where are you in your life today? Are you down at the bottom and don't know how to get up? What are you feeling in your heart?  Do you feel all hope is lost and there is just no use? How is your mind? Do you want revenge, or seek justice? What do you know about God? Chances are He is NOT what you believe or have been told. But to truly serve and understand God, YOU WILL have to make the decision to surrender your heart, mind, and soul to Him.

Come to experience who God is in a personal way. Understand the life of Christ and how it has great bearing on the lives of mankind, including YOU. Know how God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit can help you shake off the negativism in your life and strengthen you in ways you never knew were possible! Come to Calvary Baptist Church of Rio Linda! Let this decision be your first choice of change to make the difference in your life that YOU NEED...TODAY!!.

GO AHEAD! Make a change. Make the decision. COME to Calvary Baptist Church of Rio Linda--Where the Love of God Makes the Difference!


Time is drawing nigh for our AWANA Clubs to start. We will begin in September (day will be announced later on this month). The time frame for our AWANA Clubs will be 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM every Sunday and we teach the curriculum using the Bible with King James Version (KJV) only. If you have children, or grandchildren, we encourage you to come out and join us this year. Perhaps you would like for your child(ren) to sit in one of our classes for a Sunday or two to get an "idea" of what AWANA is all about? Or, perhaps your child has atttended AWANA before and is looking to find age appropriate Club to fit in? Do, come!

We would love to see every parent, grandparent, and guardian take the deity of God more seriously and not only for themselves, but also for those little ones they care for. Our world is changing, and not necessarily for the good, but one thing that holds true from the beginning of time and to the end, is the Word of God! Give your child the chance to know Him through Jesus Christ, the Lord, while they are young. You WILL be amazed in what they learn, how our Clubs change lives, and how each child's development for the things of God make a difference in their future lives!


The Great Commission of Matthew 28 tells us that we must be going into all the world, making disciples of persons in all nations. At Brookfield, we aim to take that seriously by using whatever means we have to promote worldwide missions. 

We currently support 34 missionaries in over 20 foreign countries, and we typically send 2 different short-term teams as support every year. If you have any interest in serving on one of these teams or have questions about missions and your life, please see one of our pastors for assistance.

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